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Hotel Listing

StayAtUs Group offers a commission-free marketing platform for hotels, hotel rooms and tickets. When consumers go to stayatus.com, they can find hotels and book a room.

Online Booking Platform

Our booking platform is founded in co-creation with Dutch hotel owners and managers, who want to create a better balance between working with commission based OTAs and the same time become less dependent by creating more direct sales.

Our goal is to create a marketplace for direct bookings because this is in the best interest of consumers and hoteliers. For hotels it is difficult to invest in services and employees when they have to pay 12 up to 30% commission on booking from powerful intermediairs like Booking, Agoda, Expedia, etc.

We do the work, you get the outcomes

We are not a traditional booking website! We’re a marketing and booking website and puts guests directly in contact with the hotels own booking pages. So you boost your direct bookings!

This means that all the money from bookings goes directly to the hotel!

To be presented on out platform hotels pays a small contribution. With these contributions, we actively make use SEO, online advertising, newsletters and Social Media to promote the website and our participating hotels.

We also frequently participate in fairs, trade shows and magazines.  

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