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Hotels Inside

The toolwhich generates a remarkable positive impact when booking hotel rooms directly via your own website!

With this unique tool, your potential customers receive a virtual opportunity to walk through your hotel, visit the guest rooms, familiarize themselves with all your facilities and book directly via your website.

Hotels Inside, developed by marketing and SEO specialists, comprises of a smart link between Google software and links to Social Media. You will discover that your hotel exposure is enhanced, the findability and customers’ experience of your website are greatly improved and the visitor remains for a longer period on your website.
This guarantees an increase in the number of direct bookings!

And best of all, it all happens on your own site! No commission to OTAs!

  • Increased direct bookings
  • Improved service to website visitors
  • Greater findability of your website
  • Direct customer contact
  • Higher margins achieved per room as commission payments on these bookings are NOT required!
  • Already available from just € 595,-

93% of search engine users prefer Google when searching for information. For this reason it is vital that your company is favoured by Google and Google Streetview. Hotels Inside assists your company in reaching first page status of the search results, complete with directions via Google Maps and a link to your virtual tour.

Hotels Inside is the breakthrough for any hotel. Don‘t hesitate a moment longer and contact us directly to see what Hotels Inside is able do for your hotel(s).

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