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Hotels Inside

The tool which really has a positive influence on booking hotel rooms directly through your own website!

With this unique tool, customers can interactively walk through your hotel on your website, visit the rooms, get to know all the other facilities and book directly.

Hotels Inside, developed by marketing and SEO specialists, consists of a smart link between Google software and links to Social Media. Your hotel will be better displayed the findability and customer experience of your website is greatly improved and the visitor stays longer on your website. This guarantees an increase in the number of direct bookings!

And best of all, everything happens on your own site! No commission to pay to OTAs!

  • More direct bookings;
  • Extra service to the visitors of your website;
  • Better findability of your website;
  • Direct customer contact;
  • Higher margins per room because you do NOT have to pay commissions on these bookings!
  • Already available from just € 595,-

93% of people use search engine Google in their search for information. That is why it is important that your company is well-liked in Google. Google Street View. Hotels Inside, helps to show your company on the first page in the search results, complete with directions in Google Maps and a link to your virtual tour.

Hotels Inside is the breakthrough for hotels. Wait no longer and contact us what Hotels Inside can do for your hotel(s).

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