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Reservation System

Get a tailor-made booking engine

You know that the official website and the booking engine you choose are like a dress for your brand. You need something that really fits it. Whatever your property is, we have your dress, because Stayatus is one-of-a-kind while covering every distribution scenario.

Be anytime, everywhere

You have to go where your clients go. Wherever they are, on a sofa, in bed, on a train, in a car, they can find and book your hotel, because Stayatus is mobile and tablet friendly. So your guests are never disappointed and you will never lose your revenues.

Stop wasting time

Nobody told you how to use your smartphone or how to search on Google. Because these actions are infinitely simple, just like Simple Booking. As Stayatus is so simple to use, you and your staff will no longer need those long training sessions and will gain more time so you can take care of your guests and property.

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