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Marketing tools for hotels managers.

Over the last five years we've been working on tools and software to impact your bottom line results. The result: several easy-to-use software solutions.

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More than 4.000 hotels can't be wrong

StayAtUs provides software and marketing services that enable you to boost your direct bookings and grow your digital presence. Our suite helps you to become less dependent on parties websites like Booking, grow your online presence and get more direct bookings. The result: better customer relationships, beter online presence and higher margins.


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Hotels Inside, Let guests walk through your hotel and book a room directly!

Hotels Inside, is the breakthrough for hotels to engage consumers and boost direct bookings!

Put your hotel(s) in the spotlight at Google and let your website visitors actually walk through your hotel visit the rooms, get to know all the other facilities and book directly.

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We build hotel websites

Communicate, achieve results and grow your revenue stream. The website is the basis for every hotel. Do you want to have a new website made or is your website in need of an upgrade? You realize your ambitions with a website build by StayAtUs Group.

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List your hotel on our marketing platform

StayAtUs.com is focussed on creating transparency in the hotel booking market and make hotels less dependent on commission-based OTAs. We believe it’s in the best interest for hotels to create more direct bookings, optimize profit margins, revenues and sustainability. StayAtUs.com is founded in co-creation with hotel owners and managers.

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Install our ready-to-use booking engine

You know that the official website and the booking engine you choose are like a dress for your brand. You need something that really fits it. Whatever your property is, we have your dress, because Simple Booking is one-of-a-kind while covering every distribution scenario.

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Improve your booking rate via rate match

Rate Match is your equalizer, balancing the prices to create the perfect harmony between you and the OTAs. Your direct sales will sound like music to your ears.

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Improve your booking rate via Meta Search

Metasearch platforms is the new game in town of Tourism. OTAs, competitors and intermediaries are all there: TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Ads, Trivago. And they are stealing YOUR clients and YOUR revenues.

Protect your brand and your revenue showing your official website rates on metasearch platforms. This is not an option, it is a must-do!

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Direct hotel bookings are the preferred mode of selling rooms, due to lower cost and direct contact with the guests. Hotels are always looking for a strategy to work with OTAs and how to create more direct, commission-free bookings at the same time. The right mix will ensure that hotels have a well-spread distribution strategy and getting back in control of revenues and quests.That is the way to go!

Our Model is fairly simple. We attract customers. They choose their hotel and we direct them immediately to the booking page of the hotel website. Hotels and guests are linked directly which leads to better offers for guests and higher margins and level of engagement for hotels.This means all the money from bookings goes directly to the hotels!