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Social Media & ICT Services to strengthen your position on the internet and search engines.

About Marketing & ICT Services

We believe it’s in the best interest for hotels and guests to create more direct bookings and optimize hotels profit margins, revenues and sustainability.

In order to drive more direct sales, hotels need to adopt a portfolio of smart approaches, which include competitive rates on the own hotel website booking pages, having a mobile-optimized website and booking engine, providing multiple language support, implementing full-fledged SEO strategies, working with OTAs and the same time with commission free booking sites, etc...

We offer a variety of services to strengthen hotels websites and clients values. This will attract more visitors to your own direct booking page and increase direct bookings.That is the way to go!

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CEO Edwin Onderstal about the booking engine

“The market is ready for alternatives for the current commission based pricing model sites like and Expedia. Our studies and interviews have provided us with the information to develop that alternative" 

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