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The hotel industry is constantly busy improving revenues, profits and creating more direct bookings. The challenge for hotel management is to figure out a strategie "how to use the OTAs and  improving profits and how to get more direct bookings at the same time".

We believe it’s in the best interest for hotels and guests to create more direct bookings and optimize profit margins, revenues and sustainability. We also believe hotels dependency on OTAs creates an imbalance in the hotel booking market.

It’s important to know about our alternatives and strategies to work with OTAs to become more visible on the internet and to create more direct bookings to improve profit margins and customer loyalty as well!

We ensure we have the right mix to provide hotels wil have a well-spread distribution strategy and get back in control revenues and guests.   

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CEO Edwin Onderstal about the booking engine

“The market is ready for alternatives for the current commission based pricing model sites like and Expedia. Our studies and interviews have provided us with information to develop that alternative" Join Us.

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