Commission-free hotel booking platform. is the most agile non commission-based hotel booking platform in the market.

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Hotel managers are constantly busy improving profits-, revenue margins and creating more direct (non commission) bookings! We offer all ingredients on our site. Guests are able to find the true story about the hotel without scrolling through pages of conversion based content and commission based call to actions. Hotels can promote loyalty & benefits programs! is founded in co-creation with hotel owners and managers.

As known direct hotel bookings are preferably the best way of selling rooms, due to lower cost and direct contact with the guests. Hotels are looking for a winning strategy to work with OTAs and creating  more direct (commission-free) bookings at the same time. We offer hotels a free marketing platform to promote direct bookings because we believe this is in the best interest of hoteliers and quests.

Our model is fairly simple. We attract customers. They choose their hotel and we direct them immediately to the booking page of the hotel website. Hotels and guests are linked directly which leads to better offers for guests and higher margins and level of engagement for hotels.This means all the money from bookings goes directly to the hotels!

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“The market is ready for alternatives for the current commission based pricing model sites like and Expedia. Our studies and interviews have provided us with information to develop that alternative. We not only offera Direct Booking Platform but also Strategy Advice and Tools & Services to optimize your website and social media for creating more direct bookings.

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