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Hotels are no competitor for OTAs on internet marketing!

Interesting article about search results from hotels! We translated this article because it is interesting for everyone in the hotel industry.

This article shows once again how important it is for hotels to promote their own website and booking module on independent platforms such as StayAtUs.com

Hotels lose more and more ground to OTAs in the search results on Google. This reports PhoCusWright following the findings of a Swedish researcher.

It was already known hotels can barely compete with the marketing spend of the large OTAs. Parties as Booking and Expedia give billions from year-on-year. But now it appears so that it is also difficult in the organic search results to come forward.

The Swedish researcher searched for ‘hotel Tenerife’ and looked at the results pages of the ten largest markets for the Spanish island. The following emerged from this:

There were neither hotels in the first ten organic search results in the Netherlands, Ireland, France and many other countries!

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