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About StayAtUs Group

StayAtUs helps hotels to be less dependent on parties websites like Booking, Expedia and similar websites. Websites that ask for high commission fees for your reservations. Our goal is to help you achieve better results. We offer an all-in-one solution to deliver more value, enabling you to keep the money in the hotel. We work on a city-by-city based model, but do accept other hotel occasionally.

We help hotels to improve their bottom line by offering state-of-the-art tools and online marketing services.

Edwin Onderstal, Chief Executive Officer

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency built for modern hotels. We partner with clients to drive their business outcomes with optimized websites, listings, booking engines and other products.


StayAtUs.com is a dutch in Amsterdam based company focussed on creating transparency in the hotel booking market and make hotels less dependent on commission-based OTAs. We believe it’s in the best interest for hotels to create more direct bookings, optimize profit margins, revenues and sustainability. StayAtUs.com is founded in co-creation with hotel owners and managers.

Direct hotel bookings are the preferred mode of selling rooms, due to lower cost and direct contact with the guests. Hotels are always looking for a strategy to work with OTAs and how to create more direct, commission-free bookings at the same time. The right mix will ensure that hotels have a well-spread distribution strategy and getting back in control of revenues and quests.That is the way to go!

Our Model is fairly simple. We attract customers. They choose their hotel and we direct them immediately to the booking page of the hotel website. Hotels and guests are linked directly which leads to better offers for guests and higher margins and level of engagement for hotels. This means all the money from bookings goes directly to the hotels!


Edwin Onderstal
Chief Executive Officer

Ferry Bouzidi
Chief Strategy Officer

Bob Riethorst
Product Owner

Mats Rietdijk
Head of Development


Our team consists of 25 passionate marketing- and sales professionals based in The Netherlands and Italy. We’re continously working on the improvement of our software solutions and marketing techniques.

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