Dutch startup incubator AtUs Group has announced it’s unique market approach at the ITB travel congress in Berlin. The company’s premise is to develop two or three booking experiences per year, launch those solutions and analyse if there’s market for the alternative to the current booking systems.

The company uses a data driven approach to find product market fit.
The incubator is focused on the travel and leisure industries, and expects to launch products that improve the booking experiences in the hotel, sightseeing tickets and restaurant world in the coming year. The companies first product is named STAYATUS.com and is expected to get to market by the end 2017. It focuses on the hotel booking experience.

AtUs Group CEO Edwin Onderstal explains: “The market is ready for alternatives to the current commission based pricing model sites like Booking.com and Expedia are known for. Our studies and interviews have given us the information needed to develop that alternative. In order to get where we want to be we use the power of big data”.

The company uses a data driven approach to find product market fit. In order to facilitate that the company develops a platform for data management, iteration and business intelligence.

The company accepts 300 hotels for the initial beta phase, 300 slots are already taken by hotels. Including hotels related to chains The incubator expects to close deals with another 200 hotels in weeks after ITB in Berlin.

The incubator is currently focusing on the development and launch of its first project. Resources will get allocated the research and development regarding other industries as soon as KPIs are met.

AtUs Group was founded by serial entrepreneurs Edwin Onderstal and Ferry Bouzidi in 2016. In order to understand the market the two founders have visited over 600 hotels in 8 cities. In order to get the technology on an outstanding level the two entrepreneurs were joined by Bob Riethorst, Mats Rietdijk en Tolga Paksoy. The company is completely privately owned and is actively talking to investors to raise its first round of funding.